What is needed to schedule an appointment?

Once you receive a signed lab request from your doctor, you can call or email to schedule an appointment.

What is included in the process?

The phlebotomy specialist will collect the samples, complete the necessary processing, and safely deliver them to the laboratory for diagnostic testing.

Am I able to select the laboratory where I can have my specimens tested?

Absolutely! As a healthcare consumer, you have the freedom to select any lab you prefer to conduct the tests your practitioner has ordered for you. However, please note that if you want your insurance plan to cover the cost of the testing, you may still need to choose a lab that is part of your insurance provider’s network.

How will my doctor receive the results?

Your physician will receive your results from the processing laboratory or they can call the laboratory directly. Our technicians will not have access to any results.

How is the service charged?

At the time of service, you will only be charged for the veinapunture. Your lab test will be billed to your insurance by the processing laboratory,